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The Hinkler difference!

At Hinkler, every day provides a new opportunity to inspire, educate and entertain. We are serious about keeping our books fun, informative, and relevant across a broad spectrum of age groups, needs and interests. By staying ahead of the curve with an agile publishing program, Hinkler is quick to identify emerging trends to deliver precisely what our customers want right now, not last year! Importantly, our books are affordable and low cost, while always meeting the unwavering standard of quality that our customers expect.

Above all else, Hinkler Books Publishing Australia cares about the experience of our customers and their needs. As a book publisher, our strong partnerships with retailers and suppliers combined with our commitment to affordable entertainment, make us uniquely flexible and responsive. Not only do our readers get a wide range of exciting and affordable products catered to their interests and needs, our retailers stay ahead of the game in the competitive and ever-changing global marketplace.

At Hinkler, every book is born with the belief that entertainment can educate, enrich and inspire. We are committed to providing that quality of experience to everyone, to keep both readers and retailers smiling.

Take a look through our exciting range of titles and get in touch to find out more!

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